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Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid
Full-Time Dispatcher Opening

Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid Emergency Communications Center
Accepting Applications for Full-Time and Per-Diem Fire & EMS Dispatchers

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1954 Fire Chiefs death to be recognized as a Line of Duty Death
Winnisquam Fire Department Chief Chester Brickett, LODD January 15, 1954
Follow the link below for details:

1954 Fire Chiefs death to be recognized as a Line of Duty Death

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Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid Dispatchers have a busy Independence Day Weekend
Chief Goldman Announces LRMFA Promotions

LRMFA Annual Report
The 2016 LRMFA Annual Report is published. To view the report click here.
LRMFA Dispatchers manage nearly twice the normal volume of emergency calls during Blizzard Stella

LRMFA welcomes new Chief Coordinator Jonathan Goldman
Goldman succeeds Hayes at Fire Aid Center
LACONIA — After nearly four decades in the fire service, including three of them in Gilford, Jim Hayes is retiring as chief coordinator of the Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid Emergency Communication Center. Hayes will be succeeded by Jonathan Goldman of Sandown, who brings 22 years of experience in emergency communications to the position.
Since 1971, Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid has provided emergency communications 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for fire and emergency medical departments in 35 municipalities in five counties, covering an area the size of Rhode Island and housing more than 115,000 people. Hayes said that is 2016 the agency, where two dispatchers are on duty around the clock, dispatched emergency personnel to more than 26,000 incidents.
Goldman is steeped in emergency communications. He has worked for Boston MedFlight as well as the Pelham Police Department and Rockingham County Sheriff's Department and the Derry Fire Department, which provides fire and emergency medical dispatch services for five towns along with the Border Area Mutual Aid Group.
"I've worked with law enforcement, but fire and emergency medical services is my preferred discipline," he said.
Goldman currently serves as a commissioner on the New Hampshire Enhanced 911 Commission and as the emergency medical services captain with the Sandown Fire Department. He is also vice chairman of the Sandown Board of Selectmen. As there are no specific plans to expand the service area of Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid, Goldman said his highest priority will be to ensure that the agency keeps pace with the changes in communications technology.
Hayes noted that as a firefighter and fire chief he represented the customers of mutual aid while Goldman, with his background in communications, brings the perspective of a provider to the position. Moreover, with his appointment, the position of chief coordinator will become a full-time position.
03-03 Jim Hayes  Jonathan Goldman
Jonathan Goldman, left, will succeed Jim Hayes, right, as chief coordinator of the Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid Emergency Communication Center. (Michael Kitch/Laconia Daily Sun)

Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid Emergency Communications Center
2016 Year End Statistics
Fourth Quarter 2016 Statistics
Number of incidents = 5,916
 Radio transmissions =  62,216
 Emergency phones =   7,642
 Admin phones          =   4,885
This breaks down on a daily basis to 64 incidents per day and 11 radio transmissions for each incident, or 676 per day on average.  Along with the emergency incidents we answered / made 53 calls on the administrative lines and 83 calls on the emergency phones per day.

 Number of incidents = 25,039
 Radio transmissions =  270,746
 Emergency phones =   30,289
 Admin phones          =   20,577
 This breaks down on a daily basis to 69 incidents per day and 11 radio transmissions for each incident, or 742 per day on average.  Along with the emergency incidents we answered / made 56 calls on the administrative lines and 83 calls on the emergency phones per day.
Overall the communication center has seen a 6% increase in incident volume from the previous year 2015. Staffing has remained the same as previous years and the center continues to increase in incident volume.  Great job by all dispatchers, full-time and per-diem.
The communications center staff completed many other behind the scenes requests for service. These items are typically done during regular dispatcher shift rotations.

1,518 – Fire alarm boxes taken in and out of service for repair.
 Radios, pagers programed
 Accountability ID’s created
 Several specific department reports from the CAD system
 CAD response table and mapping changes
 SCBA FIT Testing
New hire dispatcher training, full-time and per-diem
 Dispatcher continuing education programs

Thank you to Dispatcher Chris Reynolds for producing this record.
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Summer Storms Keeps LRMFA Communications Center Busy
Yesterday July 23rd the LRMFA system experienced a quick but rather strong storm that passed through late in the afternoon.  At 1715 hours the LRMFA communications center started to receive calls about wires and trees that were down. As the storm intensified, so did the call volume at the communications center. During the time period between 1715 hours and 1800 hours the communications center processed and dispatched a total of 122 incidents as this was the time period at the height of the storm.  The communications center processed a total of 165 incidents during a 2 hour 45 min period that was the duration of the storm. During the storm there were only a couple of significant incidents. 1 electrical fire, 2 water rescues, and the others were wires, and trees down, and some of which were on houses and vehicles.  The LRMFA communications center is also backup for the Capital Area communications center and we received several back up calls for them. After the storm was over there was some residual notifications of trees and wires that were down that continued into the next day.  There was one report of a tornado that had been seen and touched down in the Alexandria area, but that has not been confirmed as of yet.
Total incidents during the storm – 165
Total emergency phone calls during the storm – 178
Total administrative phone calls during the storm – 94
Total radio transmissions during the storm – 499
The storm activity was handled by the off coming day shift, incoming night shift, and one other dispatcher for a total of 5 dispatchers.
Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid

Video about Emergency Fire & EMS Communications and the Mutual Fire Aid System.

The Silent Killer - Firefighter Cancer

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New Hampshire Homes Features LRMFA

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